CT river frozen 2015

Frozen Connecticut River, January 2015

It seems a little early, however, here it is. The Connecticut river frozen across.

This image gallery was shot on Saturday, January 10, 2015. It was also cold, temperatures around 15 – 18 degrees.

Several images view the river north towards Hartford, CT, the others are facing east to Glastonbury.

The Swan added a nice touch to a few pictures. I have no idea when he got there. One shot I took was of the open area with gulls, I turned shot north, then back facing east. Just a few steps and turning. Suddenly a Swan was in my view finder.

The Swan flew in, landed, and started to trumpet in a matter of seconds! Never saw him coming.  I sure would haved loved to capture his landing in that puddle. But that is how photography is. A bunch of frustration, and a few nice shots.