Dividend RR Tracks falls

Following RR Tracks Along Connecticut River

These shots were from a couple of weeks ago, before the big freeze. I may have put some on Facebook at the time. Not being sure what goes where I have placed a few here.

Rail Road tracks run along side the Connecticut river. Where they actually start and end I’m not sure. Part appear to be very old, a few spurs may have a small train come by a few times in the summer months.  Sections are maintained and that keeps me looking over my shoulder! There are a few places I don’t want to find out a spur is in use.

A previous post, ‘Connecticut Foundry’, was taken on part of these tracks. If you have not seen it take a look. Shot in B/W to fit with the abandon buildings.

These images are on part of the same line. Several ponds, a rushing stream, and water falls made the walk more interesting.