Red Cardinal

A Busy Maple Tree

Yesterday afternoon the tree tops around here were filled with the locals. Snow on the ground from the last storm, more in the air, and what was being advertised as a winter storm adventure just about here. I couldn’t count the small Junco’s on the ground stocking up on food.

The storm did hit, but more like a typical New England blizzard, not the history making monster we were told. No complaints here though. None!

I tried to keep all my shots in the tree tops. I’m learning a new ‘super telephoto’ lens, and using only the back button focus method with it. This means I missed most of the opportunities for good shots. At one point I completely forgot to focus correctly and was sure I had broken something!

The little ‘fast movers’ did stay around long enough for a few long distance pictures though.

They were back today, but there was a storm after all so most of the day was digging out. With luck the wind will stop tonight and I can get out and about tomorrow.