Bald Eagle

The Shy Eagle

Bald Eagles have been returning to Connecticut in growing numbers each year. In 1979 a count along the Connecticut river, up through Massachusetts, found only 9. The newest figures I found were 100 eagles spending the winter along the river.

Yesterday I bumped into this one.

We had around 2 feet of snow on the ground, temperatures in the 20’s, and a steady wind. The Connecticut river is frozen, some open spots are around. They have ducks! Just what a hungry eagle likes to see.

I saw him fly across the river, settle in a tree, and had no access to the river from where I was.

What I did have was a new 500mm lens. So I found a spot on the river, focused way down on the eagle and waited.

At one point I’m fairly sure he fell asleep. I turned numb, and waited.

Finally….. I took the shot anyway. The distance was around 1/2 mile. Pays to have a good lens (and gloves with little finger holes).

The eagles are back because Connecticut cleaned the rivers and marshes. Access to river banks are few, most wooded again. I like that they are back. I also have another couple of months to sneak around the river bank for that perfect shot.

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