Basel Door

My Forgotten Doors

After viewing a great photo of a back door by Victor Rakmil Photography I remembered my own set of images.

Several months ago I organized shots taken of doors from a few different cities. Each was completely different than anything I had ever seen before. Every one had a story to tell.

A door here in Connecticut, USA, usually looks very much like all the other doors. Not so with these old, some ancient, doors.

Please click any image below to view in a larger size with more detail. I did my best, in the limited space, to explain a little about each entrance way.

None of these shots will win an award. That’s not what they were about. Photos like these are meant to share an experience with others.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


mannheim Popes Residence
Mannheim Germany, Popes Residence. The front door contains the Papal coat of arms. It is supported by the local church and has not been used in 100 years (at least)


Franciscan Door
Door at a Franciscan residence office in Mannheim. No other markings except for a small sign by a garage entrance and the coat of arms.


Basel Door
One (side) entrance to St.Catherine and St. Nicholas church in Basel Switzerland. The door is made of bronze or iron. Probably 10 or 12 foot tall at least. The archway carved stoned.


Basel Door
Basel Switzerland City Hall. One of 2 main doors in the courtyard. This one has the wonderful fountain. Built in approx 1100, painted vibrant colors and designs. It is still the city hall. This may be one of the most interesting and beautiful buildings in the world. As good, if not better, than anything Paris or Rome has to offer.
Boppard Germany
Boppard Germany, small hotel on side street near the Rhine river. I discovered this (Hotel Sturm) just walking along the city streets by the river.
Basel Door
Side street door from Basel Switzerland. Huge wooden doors, and great carved arch. At the base of the steps you can see the down spouts. No idea what or who is behind it.
Basel Door
Side street door from Basel Switzerland. I believe this was on the street as the previous door.
Fortress / Castle
Locked door to the ramparts in a fortress. Koblenz Germany. A huge fortress guarded the Rhine and Moselle rivers from high above.
Fortress / Castle
Courtyard door in the Koblenz Germany fortress. No detailed carvings or archway. Just solid wood and iron to keep you out. Or maybe ‘in’ depending on how you look at it. It got my attention.

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