Coyote Meeting by the Connecticut river

Coywolf, Coyote and Wolf

I recently read an article about research on Coyotes and Wolves. Included was a vague location and photograph of a female.

The female is in the above picture, location just about where previous sightings were. So I posted some images to revisit this.

Coyote Meeting by the Connecticut river
Coyote Meeting by the Connecticut river

Below is a quote from an article I found online from the CBC.

Canadian Broadcast Corp. —

“A new carnivore has slipped unnoticed into cities across the Eastern seaboard from Toronto to Montreal to Boston and even New York. A versatile, new top predator that feasts on everything from rabbits to deer to moose. Scientists say it is one of the most adaptable mammals on the planet but what surprises them most is how this remarkable creature manages to live right alongside us but just out of view. We share our parks, our streets even our backyards with these wild animals, that both fascinate and baffle scientists, but few of us have ever seen a coywolf.”

“Coywolves emerged from a thin strip of land at the southern end of Algonquin Park less than a hundred years ago. Their arrival on the scene marks a rare event, the creation of a brand new hybrid species. A formidable wild animal that has spread across North America at an unprecedented pace, returning a new top predator to territories once roamed by wolves. Zoologist Roland Kays of the New York State Museum has been tracking these new creatures and describes them as having “a coyote like skull with wolf like teeth”.