Connecticut River Frozen Steam

Frozen Dawn On The Connecticut River

For photographers dawn and sunset are the ‘golden’ hours, the best lighting of the day. However during the winter dawn also is usually the coldest hours.

I had always believed the rising sun would start to warm the day. I’m baffled because the sun rise always starts a drop in temperature. Not for very long, but it happens, and it’s just wrong.

Dawn Frozen Air Connecticut Winter

Yesterday, at dawn, any moisture in the air froze. Any exposed skin didn’t fair well either.

As the sun came up over the river the first light cast a blue color on everything. The snow and ice reflected this beautiful blue light.

Dawn On New England Farm
Dawn On New England Farm

Within a short time the light slowly shifted from blue to an incredible honey color.

7 Below Sun Rise Connecticut River
7 Below Sun Rise Connecticut River

The cold and wind finally pushed us to leave but the short time standing on the river bank was a great way to start the day.