Thaw Connecticut River

A Hole In The River

It only takes a few days for parts of the river to open up after a  deep freeze breaks. One day you can’t see a river at all, the next there are open sections of flowing water.

Almost as soon as the water appears there starts a ‘gathering of the clans’. Some openings will be flocks of geese, others ducks from all over the area.



Of course the Gulls don’t care who has claimed the water. They just move in.


These shots were taken two days ago. Once again it’s down below -0 (fahrenheit) so the ice has closed in. But there was a small break for the ‘locals’ to socialize and meet up for the coming spring season.


Yes, that is the Connecticut river above.  Frozen again. The  old abandon  Connecticut Foundry (click for previous post) silo, in Rocky Hill, can be seen on the far shore. February is almost over. Soon we will have the spring thaw.

All that snow will melt. Ah spring! I can’t wait to see how I make all that mud look pretty in my photographs.