Connecticut Capital Build

Connecticut Capital

I just don’t have enough stature around here to have the state capital building closed down for a photo shoot. I wanted to have minimal cars and people so a cold weekend day was my other option. This meant outdoor photos only, but I can come back.

Even though I have lived here for quite a long time this was my first time actually  having the Capital building as my destination, not something viewed as I pass by.

In fairness I’m getting better. It took me 15 years, after I left NYC, to visit the Statue Of Liberty. To this day I have only been to the 12th floor of the Empire State Building.

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Connecticut Capital Building
Connecticut Capital Building

The building was completed in 1878, with the first state meetings in 1879. This is the third capital building Connecticut has had. Starting with the revolutionary war the cities of Hartford and New Haven were both used for state government (politics hasn’t changed much I guess). After the civil war state government moved to Hartford full time. Please view the buildings history here.

Connecticut Capital Building
Connecticut Capital Building. Main Entrance.

The carvings and statues are not the centuries old Gothic ones seen in France or Germany. However, the quality, detail, and numerous types are pretty impressive. The cost of this building, right after the civil war, was enormous. No state government could ever consider anything like this today.

Connecticut Capital Building
Connecticut Capital Building. Side Entrance Columns and Lighting.
Connecticut Capital Building.
Connecticut Capital Building. Back Entrance.

The flowering trees and bushes here and across the street in Hartford’s Bushnell park will make this a spring and summer repeat trip.