Pair Of Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles Must Like Rain And Fog

March is turning out to be a lot like February. Today was the exception since yesterday’s snow became today’s rain and fog. The first real rain I have seen in months.

I knew the ice and water would be causing a problem somewhere around the house so I had to talk myself into getting out for some photography. I always keep my pack full, but it’s heavy and the big lens clumsy, and the photo guy  getting lazy.

Turned out this morning was a banner day for Eagles on the Connecticut river.

I took a shortcut to the river and didn’t even get to stop the car. I had  planned on a hike, however at the first open water I found a mated pair finishing what appeared to be a deer carcass washed down with the current.

Pair Of Bald Eagles Click To Enlarge Image
Pair Of Bald Eagles Click To Enlarge Image


Bald eagles mate for life, but when one dies, the survivor will not hesitate to accept a new mate. During breeding season, both birds protect the nest territory from other eagles and predators. Within days this pair will be hiding on one of the islands down river.

They watched me for awhile, ate, had a fight, and finally ‘made up’ with each other. It was what I would call a National Geographic moment.

Bald Eagles Click To Enlarge
Bald Eagles Click To Enlarge

After a short while they seemed to have had enough of my company a flew down river towards the islands. There is no access to any of these islands down stream which will give them a private place to hatch their eggs.

It was above freezing with just a slight drizzle by the river. This was warm compared to what we have had so the original idea to walk along the river still seemed like a good one.

At the next open water free of ice I found a single adult sitting in a tree that hung over the river.  I have noticed the Eagles I have found along the river here all roost in a particular type of tree. I won’t be able to identify the trees until they leaf out. But every photo taken along this part of the river have the same branch and buds.


As expected I was only tolerated a short time.

Most days I don’t get more than a few opportunities for a good photograph. Today was a good day.