Connecticut River Coyote

River Coyotes, A Second Meeting

A few days ago after photographing landscapes several miles down river we made a quick stop closer to home.

It was the end of the day and there was a chance of an Eagle sighting before dark. I hoped to get a few more good images before they move to the island nesting areas.

No Eagles, however 2 Coyotes were walking down the frozen river.

IMG_7014I walked along the same path, on the bank, photographing as we moved down stream. Even though they knew we were there they ignored me paying more attention to anything behind them.  I got the impression they were being followed. I didn’t see anything and maybe they were just being Coyote  cautious.


This pair have a routine I think. Like the previous meeting the larger dark Coyote climbed the bank and walked through the woods. The smaller stayed in the open.

I went as far as I could and finally just watched as they tried to find ice thick enough to stay on the river. It looked like they were also heading towards the islands down river.

It was a great way to end the day.