Great Blue Heron

Almost Missed The Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron is one of the most beautiful and imposing birds in New England. Eagles, Osprey, and Blue Herons are the shots all New England photographers want.

If I hadn’t turned my head at the exact moment this Heron stretched his wings these pictures would never have been taken. I also need to thank the drivers behind us for not running me down as I threw myself from the car. I should have become a hood ornament at that moment.

IMG_7275The bird had perched on a small scrub pine on the edge of a marsh. If he had remained in the reeds he would have been invisible.

IMG_7326Blues are the largest North American Heron and have a head-to-tail length of  36-54 inches (91–137 cm). The tallest and heaviest of the Blue Herons live in New England. He might not have been bigger than me, but that was the impression I got.

IMG_7297Herons don’t fly. They levitate into the air and simply glide away.

IMG_7298I am grateful this particular Heron sat and watched as I stumbled around photographing him. The bird was very patient with us and we left him alone in the marsh after a few minutes.





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