I Prefer My Mansions Haunted

The Harkness Mansion in Connecticut is an incredibly beautiful building. There are also large Victorian style gardens, open fields, marsh lands, and it’s topped off with rolling waves on a  rocky beach. Something for everyone. This is all part of the Harkness state park we photographed a few months ago.

I visited this time on a bright and sunny winter day. However there were a few shots that just seemed to need a different presentation. So here I have tried to have a ‘haunted’ mansion feel.

Harkness Mansion Connecticut
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Harkness Mansion Connecticut
Harkness Mansion Connecticut


Lately I’ve been slowly adding the short lens back into my photography.  Like the shots here, it is back to the basics. Compose the picture, set the camera, use multiple shots and exposure, then process back in the office.

Typically I have myself set up with a long telephoto lens, mounted on a monopod, and a sling pack of misc. stuff. I photograph anything that blinks!

Part of me likes how much more territory is available in the view finder. How lightweight everything is and there is no mad rush to get the shot right.

Still I am positive a once in a life time wildlife picture, say an Eagle in a top hat riding a Moose in  pajamas, will present itself and I will not be ready.