1940s Buick Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015 (2)

A 1940 Buick side mirror.

I do love small New England town celebrations.

Note: My apologies for the page name mix up. Naming two pages the same is a basic 101 mistake. Having an IT back ground I should know better.

I have posted this image in several places and it is well liked so a little background is in order.

The flag was actually flying from the back of an old 1930s era truck. I had noticed it a few minutes earlier. The first shots of the Buick above did not have a flag reflection. I caught the movement of the truck backing into an open spot, on the mirror, as I focused on the car and quickly shifted to the mirror and reflection.

This is why I love photography. It might be a flying Heron, clouds over a field, or a moving truck that creates a special moment in time.