A Panoramic Scene

I have not needed the extra wide fields of view offered in a panoramic image often. Having a wide angle lens has allowed me to take some pretty expansive photographs. I was in love with that all on its own never considering panoramic shots.

The building in this image is huge and offers a full unobstructed view since it is right on the water front. The heading on this page actually cuts off  part of the image it is so wide.

Below is a panoramic shot of the building. This is 2 photo images merged into a single picture. Both of the master images were taken at 18mm (wide angle) even before they were ‘stitched’ together.

Please Click For Full Image
Please Click For Full Image

Since the original images were so wide and the color sparkling I couldn’t help myself from making a few ‘enhancements’.

This building is part of Seaside Sanatorium a long closed medical facility. The buildings are on the National Registry of Historic Places., and were designed by Cass Gilbert the architect of the US Supreme Court building.