Dark Cypress Swamp Blue Filter

This will be one people either like or really really not……

Dark Cypress Tree Swamp - Click To Enlarge
Dark Cypress Tree Swamp – Click To Enlarge

This is a large tree covered in Spanish Moss. It was in a lake right off a swamp. In the tree is a Great Blue Heron. Floating in the water a pair of Alligators.

The photo has a little bit of everything, including a dark blue filter.

Why the filter? Swamp photos are just really busy, this one more than most. I experimented with a green and blue filter.

And here it is.

6 thoughts on “Dark Cypress Swamp Blue Filter”

  1. I love it! The scene feels surreal. Looking forward to checking out more of your work.

    1. Thank you very much. Please wander around the web site, I suggest viewing by month since there are hundreds of photographs. Even I can’t keep them straight. If you like them please follow us by email, we add new work all the time. Sometimes daily.

      Again, thanks for visiting and your kind words.

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