Angry Osprey - Click To Enlarge

Angry Osprey

This photograph captured the look of a raptor.  The expression staring down over a furrowed brow says it all.

Angry Osprey - Click To Enlarge
Angry Osprey – Click To Enlarge

Bald Eagles are famous for this look, but I think most raptors just have that ‘bad attitude’ look all the time.

In this case he was forced to sit on a tree branch for a few photographers to earn his lunch. Not dignified at all. Taken at the Center For Birds Of Prey, South Carolina.


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    1. Thank you. I had a few of this bird but did not plan on adding him to the web site. We photograph Osprey in Connecticut often, so I put it them all aside. Stumbled on this one and liked his ‘typical’ attitude. He was not please to be posing for a photograph that day.

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