Fort Moultrie - Click To Enlarge

Story Makes A Photo

As photographs go I find these 2 rather ordinary. Until the story and then they become a bit more interesting.

Fort Moultrie was the original US Army, the Union, position that started our Civil War. The garrison abandon the fort and moved out to the middle of Charleston bay to Fort Sumter.

Fort Moultrie - Click To Enlarge
Fort Moultrie – Click To Enlarge

Fort Sumter was smaller, in the middle of the water, and really had minimal value as a fortress. Did I mention the commander left most of the ammunition and canons behind.

When the Confederate army requested a surrender it was rejected, and the war started. Our history glorifies this battle but in truth, while brave, it was foolish for the union to fight. They really shot very little back towards the shore. They didn’t take anything with them!

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