Ural Owl In Pine Tree - Click To Enlarge

Ural Owl In Pine Tree

Very stubborn owl. For the longest time he would not move.Β Free exercise and feeding are part of this owls routine. Part of a breeding program.

Ural Owl In Pine Tree - Click To Enlarge
Ural Owl In Pine Tree – Click To Enlarge

I just photograph these guys so I wasn’t sure why he would come back down at all. I found out the answer is simple, easy chicken.

Ural Owl In Pine Tree - Click To Enlarge
Ural Owl In Pine Tree – Click To Enlarge

There are some other owls with faces as expressive, the juvenile (click to view) Spectacled Owl is one.


105 thoughts on “Ural Owl In Pine Tree”

    1. Thank you. Owls may be my favorite subject. The expression, each owl a little different, make the photographs.

    1. Thanks. I must admit, I said the same thing. But to be fair, look at the owl. The ultimate subject.

    1. Thanks. A favorite with photographers here. How could it not be, a huge bird that will fly around you….and not eat anyone πŸ™‚

  1. Your superb captures help justify the association of wisdom with the owl and hats off to what you probably had to go through to get these unusual shots for all of us!

  2. Stunning photos. Did you know the term “fed up” comes from falconry? In its original context it didn’t mean the bird was out of sorts, simply that it would not move because it was, quite literally fed up. Birds of prey expend a significant amount of energy hunting, so when they have eaten they go into energy conservation mode, where they move as little as possible… until they get hungry again – just as you describe.

    1. Thanks. We photograph falconry training. There are several different, some rare, birds working on this site. I believe they can be found by searching either birds or wildlife. Unfortunately we are absurdly busy photographers so there are 1,000 of images under that category. Thanks again…didn’t know that but will use it now πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful! Rarely would one get to see the detailed expressions of these mysterious birds. Thank you for the opportunities that your photography offers.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Sharing these beautiful animals is what this web site is all about. Some here are common others near extinction, all deserve to be seen.

    1. Thank you very much. Please explore this site there are many owls and other larger birds captured here.

  4. I once produced a nature show for kids a few years ago. The crew always had a rule: If wildlife appears, it takes precedence over anything we’re shooting. That’s how difficult it is to get wildlife shots; they are so unpredictable. I have so many stories I could tell …

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