Great Egret - Click To Enlarge

A Change In Direction

Change is good, well some change is.

For some time now our primary focus has been around Connecticut / New England with 1 or 2 week projects around the US and EU.

Our last trip, 2 months in the Charleston South Carolina area, convinced us it was time for a change.

The photo opportunities in the Southeast are amazing. So, in 3 short months it was pack up and head south (that’s the short version since I have lived there since the early 1980s).

Great Egret - Click To Enlarge
Great Egret – Click To Enlarge

I will miss photographing the New England woods, especially during the fall. The marshes and southern coast will make up for it I am sure.

Ellen and I look forward to capturing and sharing the beauty of the Carolina low country with our US and international friends and customers.

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