Dragon Fly, I Think - Click To Enlarge

Big Bug

That’s just what this is too. A really big bug.

Photographer Belinda Grover published a photograph recently that I liked (for a bug). So when I noticed this near us during a recent walk I quickly grabbed this shot.

Dragon Fly, I Think - Click To Enlarge
Dragon Fly, I Think – Click To Enlarge

It was taken with all the absolutely wrong equipment but it is still a little interesting. That doesn’t make it any less creepy. After seeing this if it landed on me I would need oxygen.

Also, along the marsh and swamp trails here there are billions of spiders. My worse nightmare! Gigantic, hairy, man eating spiders. I will be sure to bring a smaller lens next time to capture some of them.

BTW, not too small since no way am I getting too close.

5 thoughts on “Big Bug”

    1. Thanks. I just turned out that way. Not a fan myself. Actually took it with a 500 mm so you know I wasn’t all that close.

    1. Thank you. I have been watching you and Victor Rakmil, so thanks to both of you. I have learned that there is a price to pay coming south for all the great swamp and marsh birds. Bugs.

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