Little Blue Heron - Click To Enlarge

Adult Little Blue Heron

This bird was above the nests on the small rookery island. All the noise and clambering was down below with the young birds.

Little Blue Heron - Click To Enlarge
Little Blue Heron – Click To Enlarge

As part of the walk through the rookery we were to take a count of all the different birds and most notable finds. Being the ‘new kid’ my count was not very accurate. I don’t remember what the final count was but we were in the hundreds, Egrets alone could have been that.  In a 4 hour hike I saw more than a typical year.

Gotta love walking with the pros. They know exactly where to go.

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    1. Thank you. I have seen them, but not often, on the Connecticut shore. And that is just recently. They may be expanding their range due to habitat loss. I learned this weekend coastal Carolina is seeing an expansion of birds for that reason. Around here there is a tremendous amount of wet lands preserved for wildlife.

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