Great Blue Heron Close By - Click To Enlarge

Great Blue Heron Close By

The following series of photographs were taken when a Great Blue popped up beside me and flew off to a spot, almost beside me.

After the hurricane had passed through the herons were either tired or just not about to give up their spot again. Several times during the day I almost walked right over one. And of course I wasn’t expecting them so it was loud and fast.

I was lucky to capture this sequence since this type of opportunity doesn’t happen very often. Usually it’s a quick shot, then the bird ‘butt’ image.

Great Blue Heron Close By - Click To Enlarge
Great Blue Heron Close By – Click To Enlarge

Click any image below to view the full series in detail.

The above was shot with a Canon 7D2, Sigma 150-500, at 1/1000, f 5.6, ISO 160, and 300mm.

Cropping was only to resize to a 9×16 landscape layout.

6 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron Close By”

    1. Thank you. The same day I must have come extra close to 4 or 5 herons like that. They all were in the same general area of a marsh. Early summer…none around unless right on the shore.

    2. They are one of my favorite birds. Come January they will start nesting in the rookeries and another different set of opportunities arrive.

  1. At the very end of September, I was lucky to spend two hours in a kayak on a small, marshy river located in Baxter State Park, northern Maine; sharing quiet time with a Great Blue Heron. The bird found a productive hunting ground which compelled it to stay, allowing me to take many photos. It was a very peaceful and gratifying day.

    1. The herons that stay late, or year round, in New England tend to be a little bigger than most. Baxter, no Moose ?

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