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Mumbles, AKA White Ibis

I have called these birds Mumbles because of their habit of constantly talking to themselves and each other. It’s funny and at times annoying.

The Dick Tracy comic strip 1931 – 1977 had a character named Mumbles, a bad guy. Who mumbled to himself. Like a White Ibis.

I just checked for accuracy, to be sure I didn’t make this whole thing up in my head. Contrary to what has been said the original Dick Tracy was before my time.

Trivia…..Mumbles was modeled after Bing Crosby. The comic strip writer Chester Gould used famous 1930-1940 people for his characters. And of course we all know Dick Tracy had the first ‘smart watch’.

White Ibis - Click To Enlarge
White Ibis – Click To Enlarge

Anyway, here is latest shots of Mumbles.

White Ibis - Click To Enlarge
White Ibis – Click To Enlarge


5 thoughts on “Mumbles, AKA White Ibis”

  1. My Dad used to read the Cleveland, Ohio Sunday comics page and we would hear about Dick Tracy. I liked the Warren Beatty, Madonna and other great cast members of the Dick Tracy movie!
    The Ibis is a bird I have never seen close up in the wild so your photos and their “story” is fun to read. Smiles, Robin

    1. My father read Dick Tracy every Sunday when I was young. These birds really do mumble. There are times I am out and I can hear some but never see them. Oh, and fly like a jet when they want to.

    2. This is really cool to know, the “inside story” of these birds. Did you ever read the sad story called, “The Scarlet Ibis?” It was in our high school Literature Anthology. I think Doris Lessing wrote it but am not sure. Very short but tragic ending.

    1. Thank you. Common bird from about South Carolina down through Florida. They are the white birds you will see in the background of any TV or movie with Florida as a location.

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