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An Ordinary Object, Not Looking Ordinary

“An ordinary object, not looking ordinary”. That’s a quote from someone but I can’t remember who, always liked it.

Canoe - Click To Enlarge
Canoe – Click To Enlarge

I walked by on my way from a marsh and snapped this. Most every time I grab a quick shot of something it’s deleted later for a bunch of reasons. each meaning it was junk.

I just liked this.

2 thoughts on “An Ordinary Object, Not Looking Ordinary”

    1. Thanks. Most everything I do now is wildlife so I try to make an effort to see/catch other things too. It’s hard since I never have the right gear for anything but wildlife when I see something. This was shot at about 200mm, the shortest available without changing lens on the fly.

      Thanks again, and keep warm my friend.

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