Concealment, Alligator - Click To Enlarge

Concealment, Alligator

Alligators rise and sink without making a ripple. This is why they are seen covered in the weeds and algae of the swamp. Perfect concealment.

Concealment, Alligator - Click To Enlarge
Concealment, Alligator – Click To Enlarge

BTW, alligators can exhale and change the position of their lungs, ribs, and other internal organs. This changes their buoyancy. No movement equals no ripples in the water.




4 thoughts on “Concealment, Alligator”

    1. Thanks. Yeah, interesting. Everything inside seems to shift. Explains how they rise and sink with no effort. I hear people say, experienced locals, they don’t see any so the water / area is safe. Well, they submerge for a 1/2 hour and rise up with no motion! Good luck assuming you’re alone.

    2. Wow, that’s a very good point. I used to go to Florida in the winter to visit family when I was younger and it really makes me wonder how many times when I was down by the water they were there without me realizing it. We saw them all the time there, but like you said, it probably looked clear sometimes when it really wasn’t. Yikes!
      I have an older brother with autism and there was one day he just booked it toward the water and my mom had to chase/grab him. It looked clear of alligators, but who knows now after reading that. 0.o

    3. Alligators are almost always afraid of people. Unless they are fed, or harassed, by humans there is rarely a problem. Just like everything else….”I have seen the enemy, and he is us”.

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