Storks Feeding - Click To Enlarge

Storks Feeding

This scene was right out of my childhood, on TV that is. Mutual Of Omaha, Wild Kingdom. I have mentioned this show before and to my surprise a large number of people remember it well.

Storks Feeding - Click To Enlarge
Storks Feeding – Click To Enlarge

This was the largest flock of Wood Storks I have ever seen. At one point I think over 100 huge birds were here. Many flew up the canal as we arrived so no count was made. I just happened to look up as we drove by a Marsh and notice Storks landing. We pulled over and found this!!

An old time Black and White was what I had in mind the moment I saw them all. A grouping like this needs some creative developing of the photos so I’m not finished with this yet.

BTW, this was really cool 😀



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