Quick Shot, Alligator - Click To Enlarge

Quick Shot, Alligator

I didn’t think he would see me, but if you enlarge the photograph you can see him watching me. I knew he was climbing over the berm to move to another marsh pond so I waited.

Quick Shot, Alligator - Click To Enlarge
Quick Shot, Alligator – Click To Enlarge

I couldn’t get a clear shot because he was moving fast to go by. Even when walking they are not slow.

Obviously I was not going to follow him down the side but still he wanted to get away fast. So this was the best I could do. As always we both kept our space.

6 thoughts on “Quick Shot, Alligator”

  1. I enlarged it… and I hope you used the lens that starts from 300mm 🙂 and not 50mm fixed length 🙂

    1. HaHaHa, a 150 – 600mm. It was a closer shot though. At about 300mm and the image is really not cropped. I cut the bottom to make it landscape so it would fit in the web page header.
      It was close, but he was moving quickly to get away and down the slope to water.
      I knew exactly where he was since I saw him climb out of the water and I walked quickly to the top of the berm. He just went up one side, saw me, and went down the other. 🙂

    2. OMG.I guess I would be so afraid! Only Alligator I met once was in the zoo here in Latvia 🙂

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