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Coat Of Arms

I have to assume this is the ‘Drayton’ coat of arms. The original land was deeded to the Draytons in the 1600’s. Unless the original builders of this specific plantation, Middleton, had one made.

Coat Of Arms - Click To Enlarge
Coat Of Arms – Click To Enlarge

The Middleton’s were not big on the English aristocracy so making a coat of arms seems unlikely. The primary builder here was president of the rebellious ¬†Continental Congress, the pre Us independence government. The next Middleton was a signer of the Declaration Of Independence.

The metal arms are attached to brick stables so it might have survived the Civil War. Much of the plantations were burned by the union armies.

Or the option I least like, it was made in shop class, beat with a hammer, and hung for the tourist to photograph. I reject this one outright.

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