Grits Festival - Click To Enlarge

A Grits Festival

I found this poster in the window of an old store, one closed for many years. However, the poster was new. What really caught my attention is the fact ‘Grits’ has a festival.

I live in the south now, and my family was actually from the south originally. So I don’t want to make any jokes about Grits. I have to live here, Grits are not to be trifled with.

As a yankee we don’t think too highly of them. In fairness there is good reason.

Grits Festival - Click To Enlarge
Grits Festival – Click To Enlarge

Grits are nothing more than coarse ground corn, boiled. They are also the most ‘southern’ of all things. Everybody eats Grits. Heck, even I eat them if you add Shrimp and a Tasso sauce (ham).

Anyway, I saw the poster, my yankee upbringing kicked in, I took a photograph. The idea seemed pretty funny.

It turns out this festival is actually a big deal. Search on-line for it.

A ‘World Grits Festival’…who knew.

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