7 thoughts on “Barred Owl, Getting Sun”

    1. Your perseverance pays off though on those occasions when everything comes together in the right way. I really enjoy your photos of things I may never perhaps see for myself so thank you!

    2. I’m so glad, thank you. Many of these were things I never thought I would see either. I had always wanted to see Notre Dame, Paris (even as a child). I got to photograph it, after that I was hooked. So now it’s just what I do. Tough like 🙂

  1. I’m amazed they don’t fly away! Beautiful shots. I *heard* an owl once and was ecstatic. Seeing them and photographicing (sp?) must be thrilling.

    1. Finding and photographing Owls is incredible. One of my favorite animals to capture. As for flying away, they will if they feel threatened. They almost always do, but first they tend to sit and look down on those silly creatures running around looking up at them 😀.

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