11 thoughts on “High Winds, High Tide, Full Moon”

    1. Thanks. It was actually chilly ! That’s something down here now. And yes, the salt ! All over the gear and us 😀. Cameras and lens don’t like salt water.

    2. Gosh! I didn’t think about the gear! You know Ted, it makes me think… I’m doing a series on Where and What is Beauty. Your comment now made me wonder if you’d like to do a guest post for me, about the “Where” and the challenges involved in getting these shots that I admire so much. What d’ya say? You and Ellen could write it together if you wanted? I mean, you work in pretty challenging territory!

    1. Thanks. Not even close to the garment center 😀. Hope to have more finished soon. The harvest moon was a bust on the ocean but the rough seas made interesting shots.

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