Johnson Hagood - click to enlarge

Johnson Hagood

Wandering the old cemeteries always brings new stories.

Johnson Hagood - click to enlarge
Johnson Hagood – click to enlarge

On the edge of a marsh is this burial site,  an army general, son of a confederate general, and a great history of his own.

Major General Johnson Hagood (June 16, 1873 – December 22, 1948) was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1896, was commissioned in the artillery, and served in France in World War I, where he created the Services of Supply. He retired in 1936 after publicly criticizing President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s  New Deal funding. (wikipedia)

Click here for details. This man has entirely too much to his credit to list here. Well worth the time to meet him.


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