Dolphin, Strand Feeding - click to enlarge

Dolphin, Strand Feeding

There are types of shots all wildlife / nature photographers try to find. The different and rare moments. We were lucky enough to have found this.

Dolphins will herd fish, as a group (the pod) into shallow water for feeding. Some however will actually push the fish onto the shore. Once on shore these Dolphins will follow them, catch them, then roll back into the deeper water.

Dolphin, Strand Feeding - click to enlarge
Dolphin, Strand Feeding – click to enlarge

Above is a Dolphin rolling back after swimming full speed on to shore… almost too close. We moved back to prevent any issues with them feeding.

I knew of this method but have never seen it, it’s not very common. The Dolphins must first know how to do this, a learned trait outside the norm. Also the tide and shallows need to be right, an area away from people is needed, and of course small fish common to the area.

This was very difficult to shoot. There is no notice when the Dolphins are about to herd. Suddenly the water erupts, 1.7 m (5.6 ft) long Dolphins swim full speed, and even tail flipping to scare the fish just happens.

This makes up for last night, having the wrong gear, I stood and watched Dolphins surf on top of waves coming to shore…at sunset!

Note: click here for additional strand feeding images.

10 thoughts on “Dolphin, Strand Feeding”

  1. This is fantastic! A real “moment” shot. Dolphin looks happy! Funny how dolphins, and the roseate spoonbills you guys take, always seem to have a happy look, I love the photos!

    1. This was one of the great ones. Of course we had to go out in the sand bars for a mile, low tide. But it’s surprising how fast the ocean turns…and how warm it is this time of year. Slight miscalculation, but ended well.

    1. Thank you for visiting us. When you have time please come back and dig around. There are thousands of photographs and articles here. Thanks again.

  2. I imagine it’s the most adventurous dolphins who do this. Good to know. I would have assumed this one was in trouble. So I am reminded of the importance of observing before assuming.

    1. It takes the entire pod (group) to do this. They will all herd the fish together. From what I have found this only happens in a few places, with a few pods around the world.

  3. What a great read. Dolphins are such beautiful creatures with such kind and happy looks.I saw them in Watamu in my country, Kenya where I did a sea excursion and snorkeling. Check it out. Thanks.

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