Black Cat - click to enlarge

Black Cat, Tom Yawkey

Before you judge, there is a story here. I am not a fan of taxidermy, at all. That said, this very old Bob Cat was in the office of a special friend of wildlife and the environment. In an office few people even knew of or expected of the man.

Black Cat - click to enlarge
Black Cat – click to enlarge

Tom Yawkey is best known as a wealthy business man and owner of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. A friend of US presidents,  athletes, and common people who would never had very much.

Tom Yawkey owned 20,000 acres of coastal lands and islands of the South Carolina coast. He lived there most of the time in a small house, and even a mobile home. In a small wooden building, in a marshland, he ran his famous baseball team and business.

From a wildlife perspective he did something few people know of. When he died he donated all the land to the state and created a complex trust, with cash, that runs this reserve like a corporate giant.  Very successfully too.

The state is more than happy to show this pristine environment to the public, but under their guide and rules. It is a wilderness and will remain that way.

There were many old photographs in his dark office, famous people, certificates, and other momento’s. I just thought this old Bob Cat fit right in there.



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    1. Thanks. I knew nothing of him except small news articles, that don’t paint him very well. We had the privilege of being on that preserve and learning from people that knew him. We were invited to come back on a private photography shoot to the interior of the land. Working on timing now and excited. Woods, swamps, and marshes untouched for hundreds of years !!

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