Herons Gathering - click to enlarge

Herons Gathering

This is the start of the Great Blue Herons nesting and breeding. The last 2 days we have begun our season too.

Herons Gathering - click to enlarge
Herons Gathering – click to enlarge

It’s a different type of photography and now I remember what the struggles are. Yesterday was the first day for me and my metering was off on many shots. Today was another issue, in flight from dark shadows into bright sun, and maybe back to shadows.

The image here is a Heron, over the swamp shadows, flying off to gather sticks and grasses to begin nesting, and keeping his mate happy.


4 thoughts on “Herons Gathering”

  1. Oh the vicissitudes of light extremes! In my simple kitty blog, I deal with two black cats that are their most interesting in the worst light – almost every time! I can imagine the process of photographing herons in flight is especially heroic on your part, all the more reason to enjoy your final results for the beauty and drama they convey!

    1. Thank you for your kind notes. Light gets even more interesting when the ‘stark white’ Great Egrets take the stage. All the issues with Herons plus a white out and speed. However, it is sweet to get the shot 😀😀😀

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