Busy Place - click to enlarge

Busy Place

I would call this a general interest type shot. This is the Ashley River, just outside Charleston. The angle was right to catch the old log, and all the locals hanging around it.

Busy Place - click to enlarge
Busy Place – click to enlarge

I didn’t even see the Great Blue Heron and White Ibis in the back when shooting this. I was paying more attention to all the others.

Turtles, dozens of turtles. One climbed up, another fell off.

The Double-crested Cormorants were drying off on any spot they could cling to. Funny thing about Cormorants, you will see them sitting like this all the time, it’s not easy for them. Unlike other birds their feet are huge, webbed, and no real claws to grab with. Half the time they fall off into the water. Very funny when a big wind comes along.

I thought it was an image worth taking a few minutes to look at. Not something you see everyday.

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    1. Cormorants, and Anhinga (tropical ‘snake bird’ like a Cormorant) can’t grip branches. When they climb out of the water they sometimes use their long neck for leverage. Funny to see them fall, unless a gator is near.

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