5 thoughts on “Black-crowned Night Heron”

  1. Wow! This is such a cool shot! I really like everything about it. The hanging mosses and greenery in the background, the fine detail in the heron itself, and the superb lighting. You must have one hell of a super, super zoom lens, Ted to capture such finery!

    1. LOL, wow, thanks so much. And yes, I do have a pretty good zoom, 150-600mm. About as big and heavy, and clear without getting the truly high end bank busting need a corporate sponsor lens 😂 that I can use.

      However, that said most shots you see from me are in the mid range. 300 – 375 range being the norm. The further you zoom the less clarity you will have and more light you need.

      Practice and location, location, location 😂. Thanks again.

    2. You are welcome, Ted. I have yet to invest in a zoom beyond 300mm yet, but you are tempting me each time I see your glorious imagery!

    3. Once you start it’s trouble. You always want just a little more reach and suddenly your shoulder and back are gone. Typically you attach a lens to your camera. Now you attach your camera to a lens LOL. I have several other sets of Night Heron in and around the low moss. Dust off your credit card my friend 🙂

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