2 thoughts on “Dark Subject, Dark Sepia”

  1. Nice quote, Ted! I like the mystery in this one and how you have the one headstone with its back to us, and the other showing beautiful detail. It can be a dark and morbid subject, but there is ambience, a sense of history, and there can also be beauty within the surroundings and in the carvings. The sepia touch really enhances all.

    1. In some ways back to my roots, 50+ years ago shooting black and white. We have shot many old cemeteries in both New England and the France/Germany/Switzerland areas. They may be older than the southern civil war cemeteries,but there is something poetic in old southern Spanish Moss with just enough rust and ruin.

      Ellen and I shoot them every few months. It’s a different style and I can compose and develop much different than my usual ways.

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