2 thoughts on “Watching Me”

  1. NO, no and no! I don’t agree with you my friend. You were a “little close”? Both of these shots are amazing! I got Nigel right over to look at them too. We BOTH think they’re amazing! When you get them close like this they have character, and when you zoom in you can see every little detail (like on the bill for instance). We were blown away. These shots are perfect! If you can get close enough to get shots like this, we’d like to see more 🙂

    1. I will look and see what I have and maybe make a post of spoon close shots. Thanks so much. Usually in order to keep focus, and be ready when they move, the lens is pushed back, not a close zoom. A close zoom means the slightest move and you loose them. A big zoom lens is like looking down a rabbit hole 😂😂😂.

      These birds were closer than I have ever been to them in a marsh. The water level was perfect for feeding, and they were searching every millimeter of it for food. However, rain and open dikes raised the level today and they have moved somewhere else.

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