Grove Plantation (1) - click to enlarge

Grove Plantation (1)

I did not plan on visiting this old plantation building, the marshes here were the goal. I knew it was impressive, but it was much more than expected.

Grove Plantation is not your tourist destination. It is beautifully maintained, but it is the admin offices for the National Park Services, ACE Basin. That’s great since this lands abuts to all the state ACE Basin land.

Grove Plantation (1) - click to enlarge
Grove Plantation (1) – click to enlarge

The building is one of a handful of plantations not burned during the civil war. Maybe being far away from just about everything helped.

There is a long and interesting history here. I will try get a few high level facts to include with the balance of the photographs to be published.



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    1. Most real plantations don’t look like the ‘Gone With The Wind’ version. When people drive up to a plantation most times they are seeing the rear of the building, not as pretty. That’s because the front was facing the direction of the nearest river or marsh. There were few roads, commerce was on the water.

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