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Hurricane (1)

A fairly large hurricane looks to be charging right at the lowcountry here. Over the years it was rare for a big hurricane to come ashore here, yeah, we had a few huge ones. Most passed Charleston, close mind you, but the natural contour of the coast was in our favor.

Weather has changed and it is becoming a yearly ritual. However rising water levels and more big storms are playing havoc with our coast. Charleston has flood waters monthly in some places.

Keeping in mind we are just about at sea level and the biggest hill around is the slope of my driveway I thought a few scheduled photographs might be prudent. No power for a while is assumed around here.

With luck the few scheduled articles will cover any times we are closed up. Might be time for a generator, or a house inland.

Canyon Storm - Click To Enlarge
href=””> Canyon Storm – Click To Enlarge[/
Above is the rim of the Grand Canyon as a thunder and hail stormed moved in.

I discovered hail really can hurt.

8 thoughts on “Hurricane (1)”

    1. Keeps changing direction and speed. But it is huge. Winds have slowed but the amount of rain and water it is pushing on land is incredible. We have had a days reprieve, hits us sometime tomorrow, we did not evacuate.

      Losing power will not be fun. We still have the tropics heat and humidity. With luck water is not a problem, just outside the range of storm surge and rain β€˜should’ flow out back of us down to a big creek and away. If not… well that’s Ellen and I floating by πŸ˜€

      Thanks for caring, will try to keep info flowing if we have power πŸ™πŸ™

    2. I’m posting a deer family tonight including a stag with a nice head of antlers. Hope you’ll be able to see it πŸ™‚ Hours away yet tho, its 2pm now and it’ll go up just after midnight.

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