11 thoughts on “Marsh Sunrise”

    1. Bored ! lol

      We are locked down, did not evacuate, and waiting. Last night a videographer you may know (David Ramage Productions) came over and we all ate food that could go bad and played cards. None of us can go out, we might get stuck in the worse possible place. Some other wildlife photographers I know got together in a safe place and ate (many) gallons of ice cream. I’m thinking perhaps wildlife photogs might be a little ‘off’ 🙂

      The storm changes course continually and it’s moving very slow. Big storm, lots of rain and surge from the ocean. As bad as it is a little further north it could have been much worse. Category 4, which it was, is devastating and it hit land at about a Cat 2.

      So Ellen and I wait for the storm… until it circles to us later… bored LOL Thanks for asking. BTW, it happens maybe once a year. Up north…Blizzards !!!

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