What I Saw - click to enlarge

What I Saw

When I’m out shooting I always come back with a few single photographs that don’t fit into any particular category. Some are interesting on their own but most never see the light of day for some reason or another.

I thought I might add a new category of simple articles name ‘What I Saw’.  Basically a general interest image with maybe some interesting information included.

What I Saw - click to enlarge
What I Saw – click to enlarge

Above ‘What I Saw’ was a marsh tree with 2 of our best locals, a Great Egret and Roseate Spoonbill resting together.

What caught my attention was the usual solitary Alligator patrolling the waters nearby.

The scene above is what real Lowcountry marshlands look like early fall.

Images like these are not award winning, but do tell a story.

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