Cross Of Honor 1862 - click to enlarge

Original Cross Of Honor 1862

I found this Southern Cross Of Honor in an old cemetery today and it looks to be an original. The metal plaque was hidden away next to an old marker.

Cross Of Honor 1862 - click to enlarge
Cross Of Honor 1862 – click to enlarge

It took a little research to figure this out.

The Confederate States approved a metal grave marker for their military burials in 1862. However, they didn’t make many since there was a shortage of metal due to the war.

In 1899 the Daughters of the Confederacy organization made and distributed them. The ‘Daughters’ was a charity organization originally created to help widows and children of military casualties.

One of the most beautiful old buildings in Charleston was built by them to house veteran families.

Note: The organization’s treatment of the Confederacy, along with its promotion of the Lost Cause movement, is viewed by historians as advocacy of white supremacy.

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