Bird Explosion - click to enlarge

Bird Explosion

Viewed on a large screen it is amazing the number of birds taking to the air. I don’t think any one things caused this. One jumps up and the next thing you know a thousand birds are swirling and squawking.

Bird Explosion - click to enlarge
Bird Explosion – click to enlarge

Seeing this in person is something you never forget.

As I write this it occurs to me I have a full day of Wood Storks, just like this. When we get busy photos get saved end of day and we are up and out the next. Things fall through the cracks.


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    1. When young I remember seeing scenes like this on TV, nature shows. What is amazing is the thousands of birds, at the same time. Each day it seemed a different type of bird came as a flock. Storks one day, Spoonbills the next, an awesome display. I grew up a NYC kid, now I do this… astounding.

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