Not Big, Huge - click to enlarge

Not Big, Huge, Alligator

The first question is how big. The answer, 4 wheel drive big. As the photograph shows he was also looking right at us, knew exactly where we were.

Now, I was not sharing space with him no matter how the image looks. I use a long lens. Obviously I was close enough to get all the details though.

Not Big, Huge - click to enlarge
Not Big, Huge – click to enlarge

A size guess is maybe 11 feet (3.4 m).

Add a little more fun to the story, on either side of him was another just as big. They were all getting warm after a chilly night.

This article is the first of several containing photographs of ‘the big guys’. This is the time of year when they are out moving around and getting warm. A walk along a dike the other day brought us to at least a dozen along just that path.

Most all either ignored us or slipped away.

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