Ledge Light

An unknown Coast Guard officer wrote the following in the crew’s log on the last night before the automated light system was installed: “Rock of slow torture. Ernie’s domain (the ghost of a light keeper). Hell on earth—may New London Ledge’s light shine on forever because I’m through. I will watch it from afar while drinking a brew.”

Ledge Light Lighthouse – click to enlarge

Built in 1909 outside the New London Connecticut harbor.

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5 thoughts on “Ledge Light”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I’ve never seen this one before! I love lighthouses, going to be sharing some myself soon, for a change. Come to think of it, I’ve already drafted one for a post, lol, of the local one here in my town.

    1. Route 1 up the Maine coast. You will get all the things on your list. Early fall, after the tourist shoppers are finished. The first few towns over the border are shopping centers. Not late fall either. It’s Maine, you could get stuck 😀😀

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