Pluff Mud, Ibis - click to enlarge

Pluff Mud, And Ibis

This is a quick shot taken today, and not planned to be published however…

I have been home for a few hours and all I can smell is the ‘aromatic’ Lowcountry Pluff Mud.

Pluff Mud, Ibis - click to enlarge
Pluff Mud, Ibis – click to enlarge

Mississippi mud is often talked about, and it is probably more famous. It is also mellow compared to the Pluff.

Pluff is the culmination of hundreds of years of ‘stuff’ (living and dead) lying on the bottom of a Lowcountry swamp or marsh. Imagine low tide, times a hundred.

Anyway, I spent the afternoon shooting in the Pluff of a 300 year old plantation rice field as it was drained for dike repairs. Even the Alligators were leaving, climbing out to crawl over to the flowing clean water of a river.

Below is a Pluff description I found on line.

This Carolina Lowcountry term represents a  Lowcountry entity -- the slippery, shiny brown-gray, sucky mud, with a distinctive smell like none other, of the tidal flats and spartina grass salt marshes.   Unpredictable in its sucking power, when you step in it, you could sink up to your ankles, or up to your knees, or even to your hips.

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