Pillow Talk (1) - click to enlarge

Pillow Talk (1)

Another of those ‘You can’t make this stuff up’ photographs. How one of them became the pillow I don’t know. He stayed right there though.

Pillow Talk (1) - click to enlarge
Pillow Talk (1) – click to enlarge

I added the number one to the title here because I have several more shots of this scene. Well, more than several so I need to cull them.

I don’t know if they were all comfortable, or the turtle was terrified, none moved for hours so I have all kinds of different angles and settings. Every time I walked by I couldn’t help but take another shot.

I wasn’t the only one either. This was late on Saturday afternoon, after being trapped by days of rain. I bumped into a number of photographers I know. All took this shot LOL.

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